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CMS Joomla! CMS Joomla allows you to create websites and powerful online applications. Ease of use and extensibility have made Joomla the most popular and affordable website software.

Joomla extensions

Once installed, Joomla already contains some additional extensions, but if you are building a website on a Joomla system, then you may need additional features that are not available in Joomla by default, so your site can be easily extended with additional extensions.

extension types

Extension types


Components are the largest and most complex extensions of all; they can be considered as mini applications. Most components consist of two parts: a site part (frontend) and an admin part (backend). Each time a Joomla page is loaded, one of the components is called to render the page. For example, content (com_content) is a component that controls the display of content; users can view content in your site's interface, and as an administrator, you can edit it.

Components are the main part of your page because components are controlled by menu items and each menu item launches a component.


Modules are lighter and more flexible extensions used to render a page. These are mostly known as "blocks", located around the component, for example: the login module (mod_login). The footer is also a module (mod_footer).

Modules are assigned to menu items. For example, you can decide to show or hide the login module that the user is viewing, depending on the menu item commands. Sometimes modules such as the latest news module can be linked to a component that binds the com_content component and displays links to the latest content items.


Plugins are more generic extensions and are essentially event handlers. In the execution of any part of Joomla, be it a core, module or component, an event can be fired using plugins. When an event is fired, plugins are registered with the application to handle that event and then executed.

For example, a plugin can be used to intercept user-generated articles and filter out invalid words.


A template is the main design of your Joomla site. Templates can be used to change the look of your site. The templates have specific fields that will show components (only one at a time) and modules (as many as you like).

The templates are easy to customize and provide maximum flexibility to change the style of your website.

Third Party Extensions

GeneticsPro Logo CMS Joomla has a huge number of additional extensions - free, as well as commercial. But what if, among thousands of them, you could not find exactly what you need?

We can help you!

If the functionality of your site requires a component, module, plugin or template, you can discuss its creation with our specialists. You can also try our ready-made extensions for CMS Joomla.

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Now the development of the JKassa 4 component and extensions (for Joomla 4) continues.

Release of JOptions plugin

Release of the stable version of the JOptions plugin.
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JAddThis plugin update

GeneticsPro announces the release of a new version of the plugin JAddThis 2.0.

gsRSSFeed plugin update

GeneticsPro announces the release of a new version of the gsRSSFeed 2.0 plugin.


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